Ayurveda – Adult Acne and Rosacea

A core philosophy in Ayurveda is that a healthy inside is necessary for a healthy outside. While that’s quite relevant to maintaining healthy skin in general, it becomes particularly significant in managing some of the hardest-to-treat skin conditions like rosacea and adult acne.

The difference in the Ayurvedic approach (compared to traditional medical treatments) is in pacifying the internal aggravating factors plus addressing topical issues.
Rosacea and Adult Acne is thought to arise from a “Pitta Imbalance”.

Someone with a Pitta imbalance is thought to have a hot body and internal temperature so eating foods that are cool should replace those that are hot, spicy or sour. It makes sense that consuming spicy foods will only increase heat internally and externally through the skin. Given that one of the predominant features of Rosacea is redness, calming the body and skin is a key treatment.

If experiencing a significant pitta imbalance, switch your diet for two weeks:

25% fresh vegetables (bland veggies such as zucchini, beans broccoli and cauliflower)
25% protein from tofu, tempeh, cottage cheese, egg white, white meat (turkey, chicken), shrimp
50% grains: oats, sprouted wheat bread, barley, granola, amaranth, cooked oats, white rice, tapioca

Topically, treat the skin in the same way, calming and cooling.

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